How to Stay Productive at Home During the Pandemic


Any sense of normalcy is now often welcomed in COVID-19 protection orders. But these days, we tend to connect when we get carried away. “Each of us needs to be open to how we would like to spend our time in this short-term situation,” said FitzPatrick Healthline. According to the geo-targeted twitter poll by SurvivalAtHome, we should all ask ourselves, ‘When we get to the new normal, and what exactly would we have wanted to accomplish? A routine doesn’t necessarily mean getting up at the same time every day and doing everything in the same order. While that helps some people, others might do a better job of making a list of tasks they’d rather do. However, our regular rituals can help provide something that’s no longer available right now: safety. Rituals hold our daily lives together but are tinged with joy, fun, or perhaps a positive emotion.

Creating a Daily Routine

garageOne of the first challenges of working from home is developing a home office. The longer you can make your day, or rather your week, the more proactive you will be; the same goes for children. Creating a place for kids to get their work done can help them compartmentalize their day, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. She says that when she gets dressed and ready for work from home, she still has to dress like she’s going to the office. For our minds to function optimally, we need order and stability, and that’s harder than ever. Simple habits we could have done are simple actions to remind our minds that each day keeps happening despite the consequences.

Setting a Weekly Routine

workBrian Coughlin, author, and founder of Hear It, which publishes stories in many different formats, has been working full-time from home for about a year. He says he’s had to work on his routine to be successful and combat isolation and loneliness. This includes maintaining consistent aspects of her daily and weekly schedule so her days don’t get jumbled. “Meditation and mindfulness have become much more meaningful elements of daily life, and even working remotely has allowed me to better incorporate self-care into my daily routine,” she says. Other weekly habits may include virtual happy hours with colleagues or friends, as well as regular phone calls to family members.

It’s important for couples to keep going even on “date nights,” even if that means staying home. But it’s also extremely important to keep separate weekday schedules, especially by getting a wonderful night’s sleep each night. Liz Brown, the founder of Sleep Lucid, says it’s not an exaggeration to say that most people probably sit in front of their notebooks and phones all day and don’t have a clear sense of time. He notes that this can disrupt a person’s sleep patterns and affect their overall well-being. “During this time, it’s important for people to practice proper sleep habits and get enough sleep to help their bodies recover and boost their immune systems,” Brown told Healthline. “This small routine not only allows for recovery but can also help fight the virus.